About Our Office

Dear Patients and Friends,

Since 1982 it has been my goal to offer quality service, with state of the art equipment, in a comfortable, friendly environment with a caring Health Care Team. I truly believe that accurately describes our office. We are dedicated to helping you reach optimum health and be worthy of your referrals. In today's environment, we are exposed to excessive stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and many other obstacles that keep us from optimum health. It is our mission to help you find the answers to your health problems and find workable ways for you to help yourself to maintain proper spinal health. It is well documented that good spinal structure equals good function. Therefore, poor spinal structure equals poor function, which results in poor health.

Whether you have pain or stiffness, or just overall don't feel your best, we will help you find a solution. In our office we will help you find the cause of your problems and come up with the best and quickest way to help you get the results you are looking for.

Our care is affordable, comfortable and custom designed just for you. We look forward to being part of your Health Care Team and assisting you in reaching your health goals to live a long and healthy life.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Jeffrey J. Mattar, DC
Dr. Michael Gasiewicz, DC

Clinic Info


We are proud to provide a warm and friendly facility for the highest quality chiropractic care available. It is one of our top priorities to protect the well-being of our valued patients. We are confident that you will feel right at home in our office as we welcome all patients as if they were family.


We will do our best to accommodate you and your family for the appointment time that you need. Appointments made in advance are always encouraged so we may help eliminate any long wait. We facilitate emergencies and make time to welcome new patients.

Mattar Chiropractic Clinic

39949 Garfield Rd. Ste. B
Clinton Twp, MI. 48038
Phone: 586-286-1112
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