Patient Success Story

″After an automobile accident and several visits to a neurosurgeon, I chose chiropractic adjustments as an alternative. Relieved that I would not have surgery but still have relief from the ongoing pain made the choice easy. After a year, however, of bi-weekly chiropractic treatments I was feeling as though progress was either very limited or extremely slow. A referral and subsequent visit to Dr. Mattar began to change my perspective. After only a few visits I began to feel exponentially better. He took the time to explain what he was doing, why he was doing it, and the impacts I could expect. His gentle manner and healing hands have quickly made a difference in my progress and expectations. I feel so much better than I previously thought possible, improved flexibility, and most importantly the absence of pain are allowing me to function better and live a more fulfilled life. For that I am grateful to Dr. Mattar and the science that he has converted to an art!! ″

Marcia M.

Patient Success Story

At age 19, I suffered an accidental fall from a ladder. Shortly after I had to get lower back surgery to relieve the pain in my legs. Now almost 20 years later, I still frequent Dr. Mattar's office for adjustments and advice. It helps me perform much better at my job as a painter and keep up with my three children at home.

Todd B.

Patient Success Story

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Mattar′s for the past seven years. He has helped me greatly with severe neck and back pain. I've also gone to him when my back went out from picking up a bag and I couldn't walk. By the time I left his office I could at least walk and sit down without so much pain. I have recommended Dr. Mattar to my family, friends and co-workers. They came to him with neck and back problems, and within a couple of weeks they walked away ″pain free″ and very happy with Dr. Mattar. My boyfriend broke his neck about twenty-five years ago, and he always had neck pain and I told him about Dr. Mattar. With a little bit of coaxing he went, and he said, ″This was the first time his neck felt good since he broke it.″ I will be moving up north the beginning of next year and I will be making trips back here to see him!

Mary C.

Patient Success Story

I am an ultra marathon runner and a coach for a team in training. In October of 2008 I ran a 1/2 marathon and got injured. I battled the injury until February 2009 when my walk coach referred me to Dr. Mattar. He recognized that as an athlete, I won't stop working out. After the 1st adjustment I could sit again- It was awesome! The best thing about Dr. Mattar is that he takes a personal interest in each patient and makes treatment based each individual's needs. I am so happy that I listened to my friend and went to see Dr. Mattar.

Sandy F.

Patient Success Story

Last September my golf season ended early because of pain in my lower back. By December I couldn't lift my arm over my head, walk or carry things, without shooting pains in my lower back and down my leg. After trying remedies, that didn't help, my friends suggested I try Chiropractic treatment and highly recommended Dr. Mattar. I saw Dr. Mattar for the first time on January 5th. He didn't promise a quick fix, but to my amazement I started to notice an improvement in a short amount of time. By March I was back doing all my regular activities without pain, and in April was able to go on a month long vacation to the Southwest, by car, and play golf again. In January I wasn't convinced that would be possible. I had never had Chiropractic treatment before and was skeptical that it could help. Now I am so grateful to my friends for recommending Dr. Mattar, and thankful for the treatment I received from him.

Carol H.

Patient Success Story

Dr. Mattar's office was very caring and made me feel like I was important to their practice. They seem to be very family friendly. I cannot say enough about how glad I am to have been referred to them.

Vivian M.

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